How to setup a call center in Pakistan

In Call Center by Imran Rao

Not too long ago when people used to eat raw fish, there was internet and softphone. Some people still dial like that. For those of you who want to setup a proper call center, here is a short guideline.

  • Find the right place, very very important. It should be city center where you can find good HR and ofcourse good internet connection.
  • Apply for PSEB call center certificate. You will need this to present to ISP to open VoIP ports for dedicated connection.
  • Get internet connection fiber or copper whichever suits you. Fiber connection takes time so plan accordingly.
  • Get a proper floor plan. Keep provision for NOC area with an AC, yes you will need it.
  • Carry out electric wiring with lighting and AC/fans etc.
  • Have your furniture build, cubicals, isles whichever style you like.
  • Networking, very very important. Do consult expert on the topic. Do not use hubs, use proper switches and proper routers. Stay away from China cables and I/Os.
  • Buy used or new laptops with working battery for agents. Headsets should be sturdy and good quality.
  • Get water dispenser.
  • Advertise for HR; start conducting interviews and build a good team. Extremely important.
  • Get business, business and business. Nothing will work out without it.
  • Get a proper predictive-dialer and someone to manage it. Stay away from goautodial.
  • Load everything and fire.
  • Did I mention UPS anywhere? You need that more than your office boy.