ticketing systemThere are two types of tickets: one is directly fed from web portal by the customers and the other one is collected from a phone call and fed into the web portal by a CSR. Either way ticket is then sorted and stacked in an appropriate queue. From there a service manager can assign the ticket to one of the service agent. Service agent may or may not include other staff member from other departments to resolve the issue. Mean while service agent updates the customer and takes feedback.

Tickets, queues, agents, agent groups, managers, customers, SLAs and system related configuration can be done from an intuitive web UI. We offer deployment, configuration and support for OTRS software, which is world leading open-source ticketing system. Ticketing system does not include customer sale related communications, if you need a customer management solution, please visit our CRM page instead.

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Integration with vicidial

Vicidial performs caller id lookup on inbound calls and bring up customer related data on agent screen. There is not much of integration between VICIdial and OTRS on levels of data sharing. However both suits side by side provide a complete solution for an inbound customer support center. Having said that certain modules for specific tasks which needs data and event integration between the two software can be developed on demand.