Manual dialer does not dialout on its own. It waits for agent command to dial a new number. There is no ACD involved in it. Dialer dials out the number either from pre-loaded number list or agent can provide number on the fly. Manual dialer does not filter out any call. Carrier response is directly transferred to agent.

Manual dialing can be used for lead generation, although cumbersome but still a choice for those of limited budget. Manual dialer still very useful then directly dialing from soft/hard phone. Each dialed number is saved along with status in the database and can be revisited by either auto dialer or predictive dialer. Reports can still be gathered to monitor progress. Furthermore other features like conferencing, music on hold and inbound features like IVR, queues can be exploited.

Measure your performance

Whenever agent dials a number certain information about the number is saved in database. This includes related information of number for example name, address etc along with post call data for example call disposition status, call duration, future schedule time and recording path etc. Built on this sort of data are reports with visual graphs which come very handy in measuring your performance. Same goes with agents. Their login/logout time in session, number of calls taken and talk time/idle time etc are used to generate agent performance reports.

Generate leads

If you don’t have list of number then it is time to generate one. In some circumstances numbers have to be gathered strictly by human without automation. Agents can pick a number dials it and enter relevant information. You can also revisit these leads with any dial status but next time agents would not have to enter numbers manually.


Manual dialing mode can be used along with inbound dialing. Agent can take inbound call and can dial out whenever they want. Inbound finds a free agent when rest of the agents are busy in any inbound/outbound call. Very convenient feature when inbound traffic is not large for your team.

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