An auto dialer dials out phone numbers from a list. Call centers either generate their own list or buy from vendors. Agents a.k.a CSRs do not have to dial numbers manually and wait till call is connected or otherwise. Unlike predictive dialing; autodialing does not filter out answering machines. Call centers usually set dial timeout to 25 seconds to achieve the same.

Auto dialing is one step ahead of manual dialing. It throws multiple calls to carrier and wait for response signal. Calls with non-answer signal are disposed off by setting appropriate status like busy, no answer to name a few. Calls with answered signal are distributed to idle agents using ACD technology. Next free agent to connect call to is determined by preset ACD policies.

Used by telemarketers for both b2b and b2c. You may like to revisit potential leads using auto-dialing for closing sales.


Comparision between Auto Dialing and Manual Dailing

Fast track

Auto dialing saves time by filtering out non-answered calls. If agents don’t have to record message on answering machine then that is the only time wasted along with call waiting time. Just like predictive dialing; dialing speed can be adjusted on the fly. Auto dialer can accommodate more agents on same hardware specs than predictive dialer.

Retain your employees

Auto dialer helps your agents achieve sales targets. Motivated agents are less likely to leave the job. This results into a competitive environment in which sales team thrives. High quality sales men now a days seek to work on auto-dialer.