voice broadcast

Voice Broadcast

Broadcast, survey or press-1 type dialing is unattended or semi-attended dialing method. In this technique calls are thrown just like auto/predictive way but instead of connecting the connected calls to agents they are connected to a pre-recorded message. Callee afterwards can opt to talk to agent if enabled otherwise can simply give his input by touch-tone digits. These inputs can be collected from database to manipulate further; specially useful for survey industry.

This type of dialing is used for performing announcements, spreading information, conducting surveys and telemarketing campaigns with high payout and low sales. Broadcasting has made home in other businesses also. Commercial businesses and organizations use broadcasting to notify their employees and members of an event for example.

Get high payout on low turnout campaigns

There are times when a campaign has very low turnout but high payout. Broadcasting can finish up leads swiftly and brings out the potential whom agents can talk to. This way you can afford few top notch agents instead of having a novice fleet.

Get to them at once

Broadcasting makes it possible to send voice notifications to groups of employees or students of a school. It can be accomplished truly unattended that is without any agent at all. With little custom development broadcasting can be integrated with your existing management applications to carry out the job autonomously.