VoIP wide-spread adaptation made it possible for everyone to call overseas and nationwide without much spending on phone bills. However you can still go old-school PSTN way if need be. Either self owned or outsourced your telemarketing team can now reach big markets in less time. Phone call marketing is considered to have more impact than email and SMS marketing.

Proprietory software for callcenter cost a lot with certain per seat limitation and licensing. VICIdial callcenter suit is revolutionary in the sense that it is opensource and does not cost anything. This very nature of it made it defacto software in callcenter industry.

High ROI

Most expensive component of callcenter has now become dirt cheap, anyone can start his callcenter with minimum seed money. Only price you pay is for services for setting up the software. Solution is scale-able. By adding more servers you can go upto 300 seats. So you pay as you grow.

Web UI

Manage your callcenter from anywhere. Not only you can upload data, monitor live activities and get reports but also you can eavesdrop conversation and take calls remotely. Ofcourse you can have agents in their homes or on the road.

Operational possibilities

You can mix and match teams of agents, shifts, lists, carriers and campaigns. Share same solution with other call centers on lease while having your data protected. Empower subordinates by using smart ACL (Access Control List). Watch live stats and eavesdrop on any conversation all from single admin portal.

Bring more apps

Agent web UI is fully customizable to accommodate more fields and common controls. Even more your developed web forms can be hosted and integrated on same server. Variables can be passed and collected to open whole new way of possibilities.

Find the problem

You can enjoy tons of reports. Including but not limited to agent, campaign, server and carrier related reports with graphs. You can evaluate lead vendors, shift managers, agents, hardware and carriers. Filter out special statuses on specific campaigns and users to analyze even further.