technical supportVicidial is a complex system with several components working together. It can work without giving any problem, however sometimes something goes out of order. For example an improper shut down of server can easily corrupt database. But it can easily be fixed. On the other hand specific behaviour or feature is needed to be adjusted on perfectly working system.

We don’t have tier/level based support model. The people who install the system also provide support. So they know the details and working of the software.

We have two models for support which is remote in either one.:

Monthly & Hourly

Technical support includes all the troubleshooting related to Vicidial software and its server OS management plus any technical development or configuration for the same. Support team does not participate in operational routine, loading leads for example. If however someone does not know how to operate he can get training. We carry out related software deployments; proxy server and collaboration IM server, for example.

Monthly Technical Support

There is a monthly prepaid fee for these clients. Currently US/CA shift is on live support rest of the shifts gets offline support. Of course we have different tariff for both types. Usually an engineer assigned to you stays with you throughout the contract. On live technical support, response time is from instantaneous to an hour. We use skype for online collaboration and ssh for remote server access. So that things can get fixed right away. In offline support, you send us an email or make a phone call. Response time is three hours. In our experience it takes less than that and usually get fixed the same day.

Hourly Technical Support

Clients describe scope of work and buy prepaid hours. At agreed time we commence the job interactively or without intervention.

There is a simple way to choose your support plan:

  • Monthly goes for those who do not have Vicidial/Linux technical knowledge.
  • Hourly goes for those who can technically manage their Vicidial but got stuck in a problem.