Dialer Traffic

We offer great quality VoIP minutes for your heavy load traffic. Such great quality is hard to find elsewhere. When you think you have found good VoIP provider after few days it is common you search for an other provider. We aim to make happy customers because we know it is not one time deal. Repeating customers are a win-win.

We have an average pricing and segregated platform for manual dialing. It allows us to provide the highest quality US and Canada termination service for both short duration and dialer requirements. Dialer traffic can overload a network infrastructure as traffic comes in. That is high volume calls per second with lower connection rates and short duration times. This consequently results in the need for carrier grade hardware and metro connectivity infrastructure in order to maintain such traffic without degrading quality.

Nethawk network provides services that allow customers that use auto dialers to take advantage of new technologies while simultaneously keeping costs on the market average. If you have dialer traffic, we offer you to use our service.


Manual Dialing

Our VoIP server in UK offer low latency and premium quality to India, Pakistan and Philippine location, our network has termination to 200 countries and 2000 fixed and mobile operators. Even on manual dialling we offer 1/1 or 6/6 for most destination. We offer test SIP account for you.




Eyebeam is heavy-weight champion in terms of features but low on using resources, Many agents in call centers use and like this soft-phone. G729 codec available in eyebeam gives good quality also save internet bandwidth. You can read full review of eyebeam from here.

Vendor website.


Zoiper a great interface softphone supports SIP Account and IAX protocol as well. IAX protocol said to bypass NAT transversal issues.

Full review and download available here.