A predictive dialer is an outbound calling system to dial high volume calls data efficiently. Predictive dialer automatically dials out a list of phone numbers just like auto-dialing. However it filters out answering machines / voicemails. By doing so your agents can spend more time talking to human.

Predictive dialing is one step ahead of auto-dialing. When a call is answered predictive dialing engine listens on receiving channel. Certain voice and non-voice sequences differentiate between a human voice and ansewering machine greeting. By exploiting these common sequences predictive dialer can filter out answering machines. Real call is then distributed to free CSR/agent instantly.

System of choice for outbound campaigns with lots and lots of leads and quality of those leads is undetermined.[/one_second]


predictive dialer

Comparision between predictive dialer and auto dialer

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Reduce your cost effectively

You can go big by using predictive dialer. A small team can give you as much throughput as a big manual dialing center can. You can save time and money on human resource. There is a misconception that predictive dialer incurs more VoIP bill than manual dialing. First off yes it consumes more minutes in a shift than in manual but that is what we call efficiency. Secondly predictive dialing is not fixed speed you can any time change its speed to stay within your budget.

Close more sales in less time

You can have your agents still talking on saturdays. Since predictive dialer eliminates answering machines your agents get to talk to real people. Agent talk time in predictive dialing is 300% more than as compared to manual dialing. Predictive dialing gives you option to record a voice message on answering machines automatically. Although this features is used rarely, however in certain circumstances it is very important to leave a message on your client machine.

As a side effect your sales team morale and enthusiasm stays alive throughout the shift. You can retain your sales team more than ever.

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