hosted vicidial serversRisk-FREE

They say Outsourcing business is rewarding yet risky. Of course with reward risk comes! How many times have you thought to start a call center or grow existing one without risk? Now you can start any campaign NOT within days actually within hours without big risk. Same is true for expanding your call center seats. With our hosted vicidial solution, all is possible without investing into new infrastructure, servers or IT support staff.

  • It is quick.
  • It is easy.
  • It is risk-free.

Nethawk team after doing over 100s of Vicidial installations has designed an enterprise-grade hosted vicidial solution for you. We are not just bunch of geeks. We have vast exposure of working with various international outsourcing companies. We understand the ropes of outsourcing industry. Therefore our solution is not just technically sound, it also incorporates your business logic. We help you achieve success.

Headache FREE

To be honest, most of our prospects come to us due to painful and difficult task of managing Vicidial infrastructure. Even some big call centers with dedicated IT staff often face putting socks on a roster situation. By the way if you review or confess your “top hiring mistakes” it is not just TSR it might  be “Vicidial support” guy too. Why we are saying this? Because you might have hired someone who has got CCNA, MCSE or experience of working in big call center (who never used vicidial). Impressed. You know what? it is all irrelevant. You should not hire top chef for driving job. Or you cannot open nuts with screwdriver no matter how good screwdriver is.

Since 2008 we have been providing Vicidial Technical Support. With our on-premises Vicidial installation or hosted solution problems do come but we fix them fast. In fact we are constantly improving and taking preventive measures during installation. DialmyVici hosted Vicidial solution comes with built-in-support. Whether you buy single seat or hundreds of seats you are the part of growing community and we cannot afford to lose you at all. So be confident to get advantage of our economy of scale in terms of cost and overall system reliability.

Scalable and stretchable

Call centres would rather forgo a profitable-but-short-run-campaign then investing in more hardware. We price you  straight and square. In next hour you want 10 more seats no issue! You are ready to go. When campaign is over say in two weeks you can have your extra seats switched off. Indeed on/off button of seats is in your hands. With our flexible pricing plan your call center is really stretchable.

Forget about your VoIP Bill

Mayday mayday mayday! VoIP account is finished. Hard to reach top-up company. With our FREE VOIP. No more maydays. No more Downtime. Do hyper-dialling up to dial-level 8. Do not worry about your VoIP bill. We offer premium quality for free.

Vicidial Custom forms

We understand you need them for your specific campaign. For small price we can custom made your forms according to campaign.

Keep technology updated

We build entire system from source. Put it all together. Automatic updates and constant monitoring system assure you everything running up to date, performance-tuned and secure.