DialMyVici introduces new features and Modules in Vicidial

In VICIDial by Imran Rao

Dialmtvici  is an Pakistan based VoIP Solution Provider Company. The company has been offering client centric services and innovative solutions in the VoIP industry for more than a decade. Recently, a spokesperson of the company made an announcement about their range of VICIDial modules to benefit existing VICIDial: contact center solution users. Furthermore, the spokesperson announced to offer VICIDial customization and custom module development services to benefit VICIDial users with their expertise in VICIDial solution.

Dialmivi has a team of VICIDial experts who has hands on skills in the stated contact center solution. By using this expertise, they have developed a range of unique VICIDial modules which can improve the working model of a call center, customer care center and customer support centers. Furthermore, these modules will add those missing features of the stated open source call center software, which are required as demand of dynamic business or consumer nature.

vicidial modules

VICIDial has been one of the most popular open source solutions since its inception. In fact, this is the only popular contact center solution which is open source. It offers almost all simple to advanced feature to a call center or customer support center for their routine work. However, there can be a few advanced requirements or a few required features to support day to day work of a call center or a customer support center which are missing in the original VICIDial: Call Center Software. To provide this additional functionality we have developed a range of features which can be integrated into an existing VICIDial solution to enhance the functionality and add additional features in it., stated the spokesperson of EDialmyvici.Below is the list of offered VICIDial custom modules developed by Dialmyvici

and can integrated to add additional features and functionality in the stated open source contact center solution:

  • SMS Module
  • Email Module
  • Survey Module
  • Soundboard Module
  • Custom Billing Module
  • Disposition Bucket (Automated Disposition messages to be chosen from to make the agent’s work of addition disposition easier and faster)
  • Sticky Agent (To route call to same agent a customer talked with last time or on frequent basis)
  • Custom recording module
  • Advanced Security module (Provides software to server level security)
  • Graphics Reports